XPDC Brutal - Live In Concert (1998)

Brutal - Live In Concert

Tapak Ekspo, Selangor

live show setlist
Talam Dua Muka
John Jenin
Senapang Patah
Hairan Bin Ajaib
Lagu Tiga Kupang (cover version)
Bibir Mesra Jiwa Parah (cover version)
Suratku Untukmu (cover version)
Drum Solo
Hidup Bersama (cover version)
Tak Nak Jadi Soh Chai
Baju Kebaya (cover version)
Ikan Todak (cover version)
Semangat Yang Hilang
Apa Nak Dikata

band lineup
Ali (vocal), Izo (guitar), Zua (bass)

guest musician
Lola (drum)

special appearance
JS Kevin (songwriter, interviewed in studio)
Amy (injured drummer, interviewed on stage before Drum Solo by Lola)
Ismahalil Hamzah (concert emcee)


Double discs VCD released by Life Record Industries Pte Ltd, Singapore and distributed by MPEG Video (M) Sdn Bhd in 1998.

This VCD was banned in Malaysia because the Censorship Board did not approve a few things such as the word Brutal in the title, displaying long hair of band members and crowd, performing headbanging including windmill, wild acted crowd with some of them did not wear any shirt and like to show middle finger to camera! However this VCD was released in Singapore and the bootleg version quickly spread all over Malaysia. There was even a bootleg VHS tape available at that time. The censored version of this VCD was finally released in Malaysia in 2003.

Before this VCD was produced, Life Records released a live audio CD of XPDC concert at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur. Since the Stadium Negara setlist are almost the same as this VCD setlist, most people mistakenly thought that this VCD is the video version of the Stadium Negara concert. FYI, Zua's hair is much longer in the Stadium Negara concert's photo.

VCD & VHS source: MUZIKMETAL.blogspot.com

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Bro, rasanye ada masih jual tak vcd konsert dorang ni? Nak beli ah, tak kisah lah ori...

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