Black Sabbath live in Singapore (1995)

Black Sabbath (from UK)

12 December 1995 (Tuesday)
Harbour Pavilion, Singapore

"The concert starts with some portentous music played from a tape. Right on cue, Black Sabbath vroom in with Children Of The Grave"

"While the youngsters start moshing and body surfing, the older fans opt to just sit down and perform some coordinated rocking of their seats as Tony Iommi's guitar crunches out the riffs to all those songs about doom and gloom. Heaven And Hell, Neon Nights, Headless Cross are all given the familiar crashing drums, boomy bass, screaming guitar treatment"

"Generally, it isn't a very good heavy metal gig. Iron Man is probably the closest thing they get to heavy metal; the rest of the show seems more like a rough version of a Bon Jovi gig. But for the fans, that Black Sabbath has been here at all is all that really matters"

Review source: MUZIKMETAL.blogspot.com

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