Digital Underground (1997)

Digital Underground

Enslaved Chaos
Dust Components

Spiral Kinetic Circus
(alternative rock)
Vertical Speed
(psychedelic stones)
Chronic Mass
Damage Digital
(from Japan)

10 August 1997 (Sunday)
Fire Discotheque, Kuala Lumpur

"Yes, this was yet another DIY underground gig - the main source of cutting-edge live action in the capital city for quite some time now. As such, the Fire Discotheque has become something of KL's very own CBGBs with the frequent gigs attracting a healthy turnout of punks, metalheads, skins and indie pop punters"

"With a Yngwie Malmsteen-type axe murderer in tow, Dust Components blew the cobwebs away with their Sepultura-meets-Machine Head fury and their version of Metallica's Creeping Death certainly had portions of the crowd engaged in some pretty violent head shaking"

"In the brief twenty minutes that Damage Digital were on stage, the 400-odd crowd was transformed into a mosh pit of tsunami proportions"

Review source: MUZIKMETAL.blogspot.com

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